(Rahi) Onwaka

A large Rahi used by Onu Matoran for transport in deep caves, it is rather peaceful despite its occasional threatening roar

Most Onwaka are friendly and will allow Matoran to sit on their back

Some Onwaka are specialized for transport and have seats modified to fit into their retractable shells

This was my first large Rahi moc although I realised after making it that it looked very similar to the Fenrakk spider that vezon had although with less blades.
I could really use some feedback if you could leave some.


This is pretty epic. i like. smiley

My only issue with it is that Mantax armor plate on its back. I can see where you are going with it, but I don't like how its concave instead of convex. Other than that, good job!

Great rahi.

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I actually did think that the mantax chest was strange, I don't know what I was thinking so I fixed it


That's better smiley

I can imagine these guys being like the "camels" of the Onu-Koro trading caravans! It looks so epic <3

It looks so complex and it's dang awesome! Rahi are always hard to make. Nice moc!

-Toa Aeros

Also, this is a great example, why the HF 2.0 Building system is so useful!

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Dem beady eyes dough.

Incredible. Wish I could pull off something like this.

Gotta love those eyes. smiley