Rahkshi Backstories [Characters][Pitch]

After hearing the backstories for each of the Toa, I started thinking what role the Rahkshi could have had prior to transforming. I saw that someone else has already made a possible backstory for Nuhrii/Turahk. They set it up in such a way to incorporate Turahk’s power into Nuhrii’s past.

I really like how this was done, and I’ve come up with similar set ups for the other five. Plus a bit of extra for their future against the Toa. However, TTV has said they don’t want to waste Ahkmou and the other Metru Matoran as Rahkshi, so I propose a different group. The Rahaga.

Note: This pitch branches of my Rahkshi Elements pitch, where I propose to replace Fragmentation and Disintegration with Psionics and Gravity.

TTV has said that the Rahkshi elements should be corrupted versions of the regular elements. Basically the element going to the Dark side. So I will be including the traits of each element vs. their anti-element/corrupted element in this pitch. (This will help justify the new Rahkshi elements I chose in the above link).

Norik/Turahk - Overall, I think Styrofoam’s Turahk G3 Personality pitch works well, fitting the Rahkshi power into the Matoran’s life.

  • Fire - Assertiveness, Courage
  • Fear - Passiveness, Cowardice

Kualus/Kurahk - Kualus is from another noble family of the Ihu Kingdom. He lives well, but is angry. This anger stems from having to submit to King Matoro (or Nuju) and Prince Izotor’s rule. Kualus sees the throne as something meant for him, even if he doesn’t have the birth right. Instead, he feels he is better suited to lead the kingdom than the current family. He joins the Brotherhood of Makuta in the hopes of gaining some form of role as a ruler.

  • Ice - Cold, Calm
  • Anger - Hot, Brazen

Bomonga/Vorahk - Bomonga is a fellow scholar with Korgot. However, he lacks the physical strength that seems to come natural to the larger Matoran. He becomes jealous of this power, especially since Korgot is so passive and has no need for it. This lust for power will lead to his joining of the Brotherhood. Upon transforming, he finds that he has become much larger (Minotaur theme), and that his Rahkshi power allows him to absorb even more.

  • Earth - Abundance, Growth
  • Hunger - Inadequacy, Decay

Iruini/Lerahk - Iruini is a young orphan like Vizuna, who met him once during her brief time before finding Bingzak. However, instead of maintaining a happy outlook on life, he is resentful. He doesn’t like feeling the pain and sorrow of hardships while other people live much happier lives. In a way, he wants revenge. He wants others to feel what he has felt. To do this, he needs to corrode their pure, carefree lives. He seeks to poison their happiness and make them suffer. He joins the Brotherhood to further this goal.

  • Wind - Free, Clear
  • Venom - Contained, Tainted

Pouks/Panrak - Pouks is a nomadic merchant. This lifestyle relies on quick words and deception, and Pouks is quite skilled at his craft. However, the desert is a cruel landscape. He has struggled to stay alive in such a harsh environment. Upon hearing about the Brotherhood, he decides to join them. This would remove the biggest obstacle in his life, now that he doesn’t have to go out of his way just to survive each day. Once transformed, he gains the power of Psionics to use the manipulation and mind games he is so fond of.

  • Stone - Preservation, Endurance
  • Psionics - Manipulation, Vunerability

Gaaki/Gurahk - Gaaki is a strong supporter of her matriarchal society. She believes that the Naho tribe should keep to the depths, and only interact with the outside world when it is absolutely necessary. This puts her at odds with Matoran like Kivoda, who are open to the idea of expanding their world to account for the five other tribes they share an island with. Gaaki has a falling out with the tribe when they decide to build floating villages on the surface. She reluctantly joins the Brotherhood because she believes she may find a way to sway her tribe to deepen their separation from the others. As a Rahkshi, she gains the power of Gravity. This mirrors her view of keeping some things tied down close to her, and other things pushed away.

  • Water - Fluidity, Amorphous
  • Gravity - Stability, Structured

When the Toa first face the Rahkshi, they are paired up in the way that was discussed in the prior post. This setup allows for an internal struggle for each Toa. Once they learn to overcome this, their mask power is unlocked. The explanation for what masks they get can be found here.

Once this initial challenge is complete, the Toa learn that the Rahkshi used to be Matoran that they knew. The Rahkshi also learn who the Toa used to be. This revelation will lead into an external struggle, based on their pasts. At this point, each Toa will focus on the Rahkshi of their region, instead of the one they had the internal struggle with. They would likely try to purify the Rahkshi’s element to revert them back into Matoran (bring them back to the Light side), but the Rahkshi would get their upgrades before then, ending any hope of helping them.


This doesn’t really fit for the Rahaga to play the villains. If anything, the Rahaga should be Rahkshi who broke free from Makuta’s influence and placed themselves in self-imposed exile.

I believe he’s just using the names, not the characters of the Rahaga. I doubt the Rahaga will have any significance in G3 unless it is only their names being used for other characters.

Correct. This is just the names. They want to keep Ahkmou because there’s a specific personality tied to the name, but the Rahaga don’t have as much of a tie to their names.

Also I found it funny that the Rahaga were mutated into Rahkshi-faced characters, and the cultists get mutated to Rahkshi.


I like this. The values and ‘anti-values’ for each element make sense, and I like how the values play into the Rahkshi’s motivations and stories.

As for the Rahkshi carrying the Rahaga’s names, I’m fairly ambivalent. I don’t hear those names and automatically associate them with their G1 personalities, though I could understand if there were others who did or who simply wanted them to be past Toa.

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Give this man a spot on the podcast. Both your rakshii ideas are well thought out and add to both the heroes and the villains. I can’t add anything.


Thanks :smile:

They’d have to have it at 3 a.m. or wait till 6 or 7 at night (eastern) if I was on it, since I work with a long commute.