Rahkshi (Demon of earth)

While the shadow realm is closed, the brief moment of opening allowed ancient predators sneaked through and entered the world of Okoto


This looks like a very good Rahkshi, great job!

I like this variation. 10/10 kraata

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Different feet, probably the beast foot, would be better IMO but this is still very good

It’s quite rare that I find a recreation of a Rahkshi that looks good to me, this is one of those exceptions.

From the posture to the spines, it’s unmistakably a Rahkshi.

The one thing that I would suggest finding a way to fix would be the lower leg coverage. I feel that a Star Wars Constraction leg armor piece in black would work quite well for it.

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That’s a nice G2 Rahkshi


Seriously though, love the colours and the overall build is fantastic.

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It’s clearly a Rahkshi trying to imitate me.


I actually think this is a great recreation of a Rahkshi.

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i need this in my life
the skrall colors works so well

This looks great. I love the way the back looks.


You know technically a black and red Rahkshi is a Rahkshi of Darkness. But Demon of earth works too.