Rahkshi Kaita Uho

Made for a Rahkshi Kaita community project on short notice, but was interpreted as a bad faith entry. I exited the collab on my own accord.

C&C Appreciated. Ooga booga.


Very cool design but I feel like it left a lot of parts un-utilized.

Is the mouth able to open and close? That’d be very cool. Could see this being some sort of ambush creature

it can hinge open from the sides and split like some kind of predator jaw

this was the full intent; I tried my best to use as little parts as they were intended, which is why there’s only one back cover, one foot, and one head


Well I’d of really liked to see it tried to use a little more, as my rule #6 encouraged parts usage.

It also doesn’t seem to adhere to rule #8, being able to adequately contain a Kraata anywhere

There is a kraata hiding in the build, though

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Can you post a photo demonstrating where?

Not at the present time, however to adhere with the rules I will detail where it is located.

Holding the top and bottom segments together and also holding the tongue is a hand connector. In the socket of this hand connector the kraata is hidden, the tail end resting perfectly on the ball of the lower leg joint supporting the tongue and making up the attachment point for the lower section.

And now as I look at the image again I realize the angle makes the kraata entirely invisible.

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As soon as you provide the photo of that I shall link it.

Although I wouldnt be upset if you utilized some more parts to try to adhere to rule #6 more, but I really do enjoy your creation.

He may appear to also be in violation of rule #2 with some illegal connection

I also added rule #9, basically stating you have 1 week to upload the photos of the kraata placement.

he’s certainly something

that’s a good thing!

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Due to ad hominem from the community project leader I have decided to withdraw from the project. I will, however, still leave this topic up on the boards as I am satisfied with the model I was able to produce given the limitations in the rules and the limited selection of parts.

Further images are now impossible as I have returned Kaita Uho to his tomb as the original three sets have been rebuilt. Perhaps one day he will return…

It was not ad hominem, it was discussed attempts at rule compliance, which you opted to not comply with. As such, I did not want a precedent for entries to not have compliance with the rules.
Notably rules #2, #6, and #8 were not met.

I would have loved to allow an attempt of this submission had you chose to follow the rules, which I believe that you had an understanding of.

I still enjoy the build and think it is cleverly built. The design is quite clever and it conveys its goal well

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After looking at it for 30 seconds I finally get it, the spine piece is the tongue so the whole things just one big mouth, now that I can see that it definitely looks a lot better


Since you’ve elected to reply I shall have to address this.

Ad hominem refers to a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. You rather blatantly accused me of deliberately tampering with the contest right after I explained the reasoning behind my choices with the rules, which by definition is ad hominem.

I complied with the rules to the best of my understanding. You failed to answer my questions regarding them or to clarify anything. And I’m not perpetuating this discussion here.

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I got inspiration from aztec wall carvings and art from the era and culture. It was a real challenge making the mouth and suspending it so it stayed together, and it made me really wish the set came with more tan pins.

I really wanted to use the spiked portion of the spines someplace but I couldn’t make it look good.

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This is blatantly untrue. The only thing he accused you of is breaking rules, which definitely seems to be true, at least from the single image you provided (no immediately apparent kraata, for example).

Unless there are PMs that I am unaware of, this is also absolutely false.

You asked for no clarification after these posts before withdrawing your build and attacking @Takutanuva for daring to uphold the rules of his own project.

If you don’t feel like you could change your build to meet the rules, that’s fine. Just say that and withdraw your build, but don’t try to paint yourself as some kind of victim.

There are PMs you are unaware of.

Any continuation of this discussion here will be flagged.

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Oh shoot, thanks.

Then you should have flagged those.

Right now, both of you are looking at getting a warning for flag abuse. We’ll be looking into this.