Rahkshi Kualus backstory pitch (and Onu Koro side pitch) Updated

After watching the most recent TTV Podcast episode I came up with an idea for the ice rahkshi Kualus / Kurahk. I don’t normally out a stake in the podcasts just watch :slight_smile: but I had an idea involving the rather questionable character of Kualus.

In my pitch, Kualus, has never even met Kopaka. they know that other exist, but only through word of mouth, in the same way that I know the queen of England exists even if I probably won’t meet her face to face at all.

Kualus belonged to a family called house ice-crown, a once highly respected and very important part of the ihuan society, even possibly in the line of heirs, but a very long time ago, a good 100 years, depending on the timeline I may not be aware of.

House ice crown were also the most open with their hatred of Mangai and its people, seeing the Mangai as barbaric peasant beasts.

Mangai and Ihu had many conflicts, this is true.
But house ice crown took it to a whole new level,
they didn’t want conflict with Mangai, ice crown wanted Mangai burned to the ground and destroyed along with everyone in the villages children and all. Essentially they triggered the first major conflict between the two that politically never died down.

Kualus’ ancestor who I nicknamed Kobali, (female) lead many large raiding parties to do what she essentially thought was cleansing the land of a filth,
of course the Mangai tribes retaliated and attacked Ihu full force.

and from there what happened next was a conflict between the two that never really ended, by the time Kopaka and tahu are at odds they are just about as peaceful as they could get with that kind of history, still at each others necks but not acting on it.

then Tahu buggers up with the whole lava lizard killing matoro malarkey and now we get to Kualus.

But as for why Kobali did try to destroy the fire villages was essentially superiority got the better of her, years of being the high ranking noblewoman she was made her arrogant, she saw these violent fighting fire men as beasts and essentially saw them as no better then the giant lizards they thought daily and wanted them gone.
Just like the fire nation from avatar…ironically.

Kualus, is her great ancestor, and by great I mean pathetic, their family name ripped away for the atrocities his great grand mother (or what the equivalent may be) did, and they hold no power, nor would they ever again, but they didn’t care, well Kobali certainly did, but over time the ice crown lines focuses their hate all on Mangai, destroy Mangai, they ruined us, it must be destroyed,

Kualus the result of this line of thinking about of endless generations of bitterness and petty hatred, and of course he would have beef with Kopaka as he is now King of Ihu, but still his focus would actually be on Tahu as one of the other clan leaders is the epitome of what he hates.

Kualus himself is much like Kopaka, rather stoic, but more cold hearted then Kopaka, where Kopaka is stoic because he is a loner and has more important business on his mind emotionally weighing him down, Kualus simply doesn’t have anything to say to you, he is by no means a moron, but he is so bitter and self ruined that socially he is dead, you ask him how his day is and he will either ignore you or give a very limited response.

he has one goal, and goal only, if it’s fire tribe kill it. This plays into his rahkshi form from the concept art, the yeti, his family has literally degenerated from grace and social power into what they think that the mangains were socially degenerated angry and bitter monsters.
They/he as the last one left has literally become the thing he hates trying to destroy it, he probably would barely share much dialogue with Kopaka about the two of them, debating philosophy like batman and the joker maybe, but nothing about one another except maybe kopaka bringing up Kualus’ noble heritage but thats all kopaka would get out of him.

as always with Kualus they would only talk about mangai and through Kualus and his sheer intense hatred for all things fire tribe (speaking of which he could totally backstab the cowardly fire rahkshi later on) allows Kopaka the context to see where his hatred for Tahu would lead him, Kualus and Kopaka share no connection, Kualus is to Kopaka a very dangerous moral story and warning of what Ihu and mangai would end up as if they kept at it, Kualus is essentially the megaton of Ihu whereas Kopaka is the Optimus.

As for how Kualus becomes a rahkshi, i like to think he lived on the outer wall of Ihu. so when it was destroyed due to Tahu’s F**k up, obviously Kualus was essentially living in a slum now, which is the final straw for Kualus as he finally takes the offers from norik to join him as norik can promiss him sweet sweet revenge.

and for a long while now he and norik have had a sort of hate hate relationship, they need each other, Kualus essentially being the karapar to norik’s takadox, but also Kualus and norik have friction due to Kualus history, so norik has to play a very dangerous balancing act with him, but he acts as norik’s bouncer of sorts, the only reason Kualus stays in line is he’s been promissed that once makuta returns he can get revenge on the mangains destroying all of Mangai.

Also fun little idea at the end for onu koro, the reason it could be so mystical and meditatary is that when the great trio made the island, the place that they started with was where onu koro ended up, as such being the oldest part of the island.

Simply when the great trio amde the island that was where they started, no special reason, it’s just the earth they formed first.
i came up with the idea that the roots of the trees there though they would go miles down before spreading outwards, spread across the entire island.
As such the trees constantly creak and to those who know how to interpret it…through meditating, can understand that they are literally echoing the prophecies, though in very vague and jumbled pieces.
hence why the onu korans flock there to meditate as it is the closest they can get to the great being while also helping to decipher the great beings.
however the creaks are extremely vague e.g, you could meditate for fifty years and only get "a golden mask and black horns


I like this backstory a lot more than mine. Though mine was more of a general base for a backstory, instead of a fleshed out one.

Don’t sell yourself short there UMx, the entire basis for my attempt came from your bases :slight_smile: even if they may not be 100% they are amazingly good ground works to work with