Rahkshi Moc: Sim Xire

Here's a fun Moc I made over last week. In simple terms, it's a Rahkshi of Stasis Field. A little more information yields that he's an RPG character for Corpus Rahkshi over on BZP/
Sim Xire
Sim Xire 2
Sim and Geva 2


Well done.

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This is...
Very cool.

I realy like the smooth aesthetic, especially with the medium blue colour.

HE's quite interesting, being made from system yet lookin all sorts of great

Nice! Looks great.

Nicely done! You managed to utilize system very well and the minimal technic pieces there are integrated pretty nicely too.

Wow this looks amazing great job!

This is

I love it.

Wow, a primarily System Rahkshi! I really enjoy this!

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Wow, this got more attention than I really thought it would. ( :I Thanks guys!

i love how you accomplished the eyes

I got to admit this looks fantastic!
It's nice to see some new styles.

You did pretty good with this MOC!

I r8 12/10! :stuck_out_tongue: