Rahkshi Murlocs

I have been going thru old MOC pics and found one set I thought at the time was a good mini version of Rahkshi. But my friend, who isn’t a Lego Guy, but he did listen to the explanation of Bionicle and Rahkshi. While he thought they were interesting, all he could see was Murlocs, and that is how these guys got called the Rahkshi Murlocs. I don’t have any names for them, since they have been returned to parts. But I thought they were would the sharing of some of my older works. Thanks for looking, and any comments are welcome. Enjoy the your build, and keep creating.


I feel weird for asking this,[quote=“Izewolf, post:1, topic:34303”]
all he could see was Murlocs

What’s a Murloc?


Pretty cool! I like the colorschemes for each one, especially Kurahk.

(also yeah what is a Murloc?)

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I never realized how much I need a purple rahkshi in my life. The actual Mocs are a tad bulky, but other than that they are pretty solid.

These guys from Warcraft.


Nice! I only wish they could fit Kraata inside.

Insert mrglrgrrr-ing here.

Still pretty cool. You did a pretty good job of combining the two races.


These are pretty good, maybe they looked a little scrunched but I know if I had fought these kinds of murlocs in WoW I would’ve been terrified. : P

These are really cool!
The white and purple one is my favourite.

Mrrgl! Mrrrrglmrglmrgl!

The question is though…

Are they unkillable little self-resurrecting freaks of nature like this fellow here?

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