Rahkshi power Ideas

I’m kind of re-posting my own stuff here but that’s because i’m worried no-one saw it.
Rahkshi powers focused around the mind
Tuhrahk: Fear
Guurahk: Insanity
Panrahk; Pain
Vorahk: hunger/desire
Lehrahk: spite/jealousy etc
Kurahk: Anger
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What do Pain and Insanity do as powers? How do they function?

Well, Insanity makes since, being in the mind and driving your opponents insane. I have no idea what Pain does.

@JediTimeLord824 @UltimateMustacheX: Pain probably severely debilitates the opponent by inflaming every nerve in their body to simulate any type of physical pain.

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Could be.

Pain without injury imagine having your nervous system set ablaze
Lovecraftian esc insanity powers look into the face of maddnes