Rahkshi Powers and the Seven Deadly Sins [Pitch]

I’m reposting this here as it appears none of the cast picked up on it before.

Art by Oomatu

This pitch proposes that the Rahkshi’s personalities or powers reflect one (or two) of the Seven Deadly Sins, and also proposes that Panrahk’s power remain Fragmentation, while Guurahk’s is to be changed to Hypnosis.

###In Depth:

Turahk - Fear / Sloth

  • As a Matoran, Turahk was a cowardly military commander.
  • As a Rahkshi he incites fear and intimidates through his powers.
  • Sloth refers to Turahk’s somewhat lazy and passive approach to leadership. He scares and disorients his opponents instead of overwhelming them with physical force.
  • His powers are in opposition to Tahu and Ta-Matoran, as they are known for their ‘brave warrior’ lifestyle.

Guurahk - Hypnosis / Lust

  • As a Matoran, Guurahk is sly and manipulative, convincing other Matoran to join “her” cause(s).
  • As a Rahkshi, she uses hypnosis to influence creatures to fight for her and to confuse the Toa.
  • Lust refers to her enjoyment in manipulating others and getting her way. I don’t expect the link to be any more significant than that, since this is still a LEGO theme.
  • Guurahk’s personality and powers oppose Gali’s personality, as Gali believes in freedom, selflessness and justice.

Panrahk - Fragmentation / Pride

  • As a Matoran, Panrahk was once a well-renowned builder but has since been ousted from his pedestal of fame by newer builders like Hafu. His longing for power and fame has led him down a dark path.
  • As a Rahkshi, Panrahk revels in his newfound powers, exercising them through destruction; particularly by destroying the handiwork of his rivals.
  • Pride represents Panrahk’s confident and arrogant attitude that he had lost up until becoming a Rahkshi.
  • His powers of destruction directly oppose the ‘builder-centric’ culture of the Po-Matoran.

Lerahk - Poison / Envy

  • As a Matoran, Lerahk was neglected and disregarded by his people and longed to seek revenge and rise above them.
  • As a Rahkshi, he haunts those who have wronged him, poisoning them and causing prolonged suffering, while keeping himself hidden and feared.
  • Envy represents Lerahk’s prior longing for acceptance, yet ironically he is now more shunned and avoided than ever before, which only fuels his vengeful rage.
  • His personality and powers oppose the eccentric, trustworthy and outspoken nature of the Le-Matoran, as Lerahk would rather be unseen as he takes revenge.

Kurahk - Anger / Wrath

  • As a Matoran, Kurahk was enraged by the royalty his family had been denied. After orchestrating many failed skirmishes to attempt a takeover, his impatience has led him to seek darker methods of reclaiming dominion.
  • Now, as a Rahkshi, he incites chaos by using his powers to turn allies against one another, destabilising Ihu and guaranteeing a successful takeover.
  • Wrath represents Kurahk’s violent personality and his ability to incite chaos, which opposes the calm and composed nature of Kopaka and his people.

Vorahk - Hunger / Gluttony (or Greed)

  • As a Matoran, Vorahk sought to unlock powerful but forbidden arcane knowledge from the scholars of his village. His eventual success had led him to unlocking the secrets of Makuta and how to become a Rahkshi.
  • As a Rahkshi, Vorahk is a hulking and clumsy creature that is ironically relatively feeble. To enhance his strength, he must use his powers to siphon the strength from others; a process which if done to completion turns any target into a lifeless husk. As such, he is often followed by a trail of barren soil and shrivelled plantlife.
  • Gluttony represents Vorahk’s need to constantly drain the life force of others, and his personality opposes the wisdom and self-restraint of Onua and the Onu-Matoran.

I like this, just not sure how fragmentation = pride.

Have you heard the phrase “shattering one’s pride?”

Didn’t think of that at first, as I usually associate fragmentation with the breaking of physical items, but I guess that could explain it.

In this case fragmentation doesn’t relate directly to pride, but Panrahk’s powers are how he exercises his pride (i.e. revelling in his power).

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