Rahkshi Special Forces: Reeducation Camp Sentinel

This is my second MOC. Actually, calling it a MOC isn't totally honest, because it began as the construction of this bootleg Rahkshi combo instructions exclusive to Japan.

However, when I built the body I realized that it was extremely flimsy so I began to take the creative reins, going off the motif of layers of leg pieces being draped from the torso. After he started looking fat, I thought, 'let's see how fat I can make this dude. I could have kept going, but anything further would have been excessive and I had all ready severely limited his posability.

As I was building I devised a concept for this MOC. I remembered that at the end of the first chapter of Reign of Shadows, when Tahu and his ragtag team are cornered, they are told that they will be brought to Metru Nui for "retraining". It would make sense that Teridax would institute reeducation camps in the MU in order to eliminate opposition through indoctrination. Then I figured, well, I bet Toa would see these liberating these as easy wins over Teridax. Teridax would need to provide these reeducation camps with extremely high security. Therefore, before he took over the MU, Makuta ordered the creation of this new protosteel Rahkshi Armor. The armor provides the Rahkshi all the power of the Vahki in addition to their designated Makuta power. These powers are focused through the staffs on there hands. Realizing that many Toa would target these reeducation camps, designated Rakshi with the power of Illusion to these suits. Therefore, the matoran reeducation camps doubled as Toa Traps, for whenever Toa got too close to the Sentinels, the Sentinel would use the hidden staff mounted upon its back to place the Toa that came too close into an illusion similar to the one Teridax places the Toa Hagah under in Dwellers in the Dark. This is only possible due to the extremely high level of the 2 Kraata required to power this behemoth. One is stored in each leg. Under this illusion, the effected Toa willfully walk to the central chamber of the reeducation camp, where they are obliviously subjected to the power of shadow leeches which transform them into shadow Toa. After their transformation, the illusion is lifted and the Toa are dispatched to hunt down their comrades. The Rahkshi also use their power to hide their tan/blue Color scheme, so that Toa do not realize that they are walking into a trap. These Rahkshi were built to stand for hours against Toa's attacks, but are dismal in meows combat. Therefore, in addition to their illusion power and the Vahki powers, they have also been outfitted with shoulder mounted Cordak blasters. Here are some Pictures.


my gosh it's awesome but at the same time it's a mess


He looks like a Bayformer.

I like the designs of the Bayformers.


Thanks. Do you think it's coolerthan the one from the original instructions? And what do you think of the story background?

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I guess he's... better filled and the story's really good, being integrated into some canon

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I like where you went with the story. As far as the MOC, it's a bit too fat. It doesn't yell "Guard", it yells "Drop-out", IMO. As for color scheme, it looks like a mech, not a Rahkshi. More later.

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I was actually considering making it a mech and lots of the design was influenced by the Exo Toa, but I figured Rahkshi are basically just mechs for Kraata.


He looks like a Metal Gear boss fight

This is the opposite of a problem.


It's like a Beefed-up Metal gear RAY then? Or some facsimile?

The legs need to be beefed up


I think it would indeed work better as a mech maybe for the rahaga. but never the less I like it

"I thought, 'let's see how fat I can make this dude" xD

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Ancient, Version 2.


well, I saw the top images and was like "meh" , and then saw the paragraph and decided to skip it due to excessive amounts words, and suddenly looked down and had a heart attack. wow... he sure is........big, and I like it, he just seems a bit like a waddler, that's all