Ramarak, The Skull Crawler

Standing at about 95 feet tall, 193 feet long, and weighing nearly 100 tons, this subterranean reptile of Skull Island is an apex predator, rivaled only by Kong himself. With incredible intelligence (known as “crafty ■■■■■■■■” to locals), a strong bite, an absurdly long and muscular tongue, and a powerful body, the Skull Crawler is no monster to mess with!

Obviously enough, this MOC is a replica of the Skull Crawler from the 2017 movie, Kong: Skull Island. This currently sits as the biggest MOC I’ve ever made, and will likely stay that way for a while as this build is nearly four feet long fully stretched out, and is over a foot tall. I wish I had counted how many pieces. While the stand is a bit of an eyesore, it turned out looking way better than I could have imagined! It’s complex, large, detailed, and best of all, minifigure scaled.

Thoughts are definitely appreciated! Thank you!



That’s one cool Grimm! I know it’s a replica of something else, but I am not familiar with the Kong movie.

Also, the shaping and whatnot is spectacular.


The head is so well done, as is the rest of the moc

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Gosh darn it. My joke.

This is an amazing moc. The shaping. The detail. T proportions. All glorious


It’s, it’s over 9000/s where “s” equals “distance”

Anyways nice moc you’ve got there!


hoho I’m proud of you.

Also great MOC. Very big and detailed.


This is amazing. It reminds me of a rodent of unusual size.


I always reply too late to get the good jokes…

This is really cool! The size and detailing are very impressive, though I can’t say anything about accuracy to the source. Great work!


Not bad. The way some of the detailing on the legs was attached feels a bit off, but this is otherwise solid.

I love the head and the tail, this makes me wanna watch the movie!

Imagine Skull Grinder riding this into battle (totally not a Transformers reference)

Excellent work! I know how difficult large MOCs can be.

Ever since i saw Kong: Skull Islands and heard/saw the skull crawler, i wanted to make a MOC that was once in the style of the skull warriors from G2 (of course i have no parts to moc with, hence why i never went through with it). Although this puts anything that i could do to shame