Ranaki Pakewa: Master of Hot Air G1 V1.0


Yes, this is the basic version of my self-moc. Yes, it has crappy photography. And, yes, he is pretty much just a Mata recolor with some extra shtuff.

Thought that I might as well give you guys a better view of him than just the pixel art of him in my profile.

Have that crap too.

Some Bio Stuff: (will be expanded even further later)
Ranaki's mask power has been different in almost every version and RP I have used him in, but he usually has a Sanok in the shape of a Miru, so as to have perfect accuracy with his shotgun.

Ranaki's yet-to-be-MOCed "titan" version has used his knowledge of Kanoka to create armor and other gadgets with Kanoka powers. This includes Miru boots, Hau armor, Pakari braces, and such. (Canon reference that make this possible) All of these are at a noble level, and he can only use one of them at a time so as to avoid being drastically OP. He also upgraded his Sanok to have the telescopic lenses of an Akaku.

His shotgun uses Kanoka Pellets he forges out of disks, and can combine pellets internally to create new powers, but it only holds 6 pellets at a time for the main barrel, and two pellets for the emergency barrel. The emergency barrel always has a Remove-Poison/Regenerate pellet to purify and heal an ally, or repair a target, while the other emergency pellet is a Weaken pellet to incapacitate an opponent, or destroy a target. The other six pellets are usually chosen based on what might be expected in the upcoming mission.

But, yeah, C&C as much as you like. I do have a G2 version that I need to take pictures of, and I plan on also making his matoran and titan forms as well.


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Preety interesting Retro G1 Selfmoc!


Despite the Mata recolor, I think this MOC works. The gun is very nice, and I think the teal mask isn't that bad.



Solid build
Nice wings
Nice gun
Has gear functions


Miru is a dumb mask
Intense colour clashing
Dorky feet

Verdict: 6/10


Dem McToran feet tho


its pretty nice

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Woah much retro


I actually like the tohunga feet. Great moc man, I'm a sucker for 01 style builds.


So when does he get to fight the predator?


I just realized that I posted a mix of v1.0 and v1.1.

Only difference is his eye color, and how he holds his left-handed sword. XD

1.0 had red eyes and shoves the sword into his finger socket, while 1.1 has blue eyes and has a connector piece to hold the sword in his palm.

That was part of the idea behind him.

He would have had teal Mata feet, if I had a Tarakava when I made him, but now I've grown attached to them the way they are now.

After he is done with his Happy Meal.


Is he lovin' it?


I've updated the original post with part of his bio info.

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proceeds to look at moc
There is nothing intense at all, red works good with teal... better than red and lime, which is horrendus