Random Action Figure Photography (Again, with many more photos)

Well, I have another one of these.

Sorry about that…

I kinda can’t do much else so I just spend a lot of time taking photos. At least, unlike before, I’ve quite a few photos this time. Slow internet speed, beware! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, a few of the poses were done via Googling references, since I’m really bad at doing dynamic poses on my own.

This one turned out a bit brighter than I had hoped…

This picture is a tad brighter than what I was going for:


Ah, and because I love my mecha…

Some random Glyos figure, since I haven’t done photography with one of these in a while…

That’s it for now, constructive criticism is welcome as usual, and I’m sorry if this topic loaded kinda slowly.


It’s weird that you used TFP Soundwave, since I’ve been giving a lot of attention to that toy lately.

Anyways, these are all really well shot! I especially love the Transformers ones, although that’s just personal bias.

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I actually didn’t see some of these.

Nice, as usual.

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I’ll give you credit, you managed to make prime soundwave almost sorta not stilted, which is more than I’ve been able to accomplish.

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Looking good.
No clue who these are but still

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A wide variety of Figuarts, Transformers, Gundam models, and some other random crap :stuck_out_tongue:

the sad part is I sometimes forget what the figures are named

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I don’t know why but I really like this one