Random Brickonicle Ideas [Characters][Worldbuilding][Story]

Just some sketches of ideas I had, I’ll add to it as I go along.

First I had some ideas involving Kopaka, and Jaller’s gear (yes, I know the Jaller sketch is atrocious, I wasn’t using a reference).

(Nuju is in the background of one, this was before TTV said they were dropping the Turaga)

I think this next one might require some more explanation.

Me and some of the guys in the “canon” discussion topic were talking about Easter egg we could leave to build off of if the theme was “extended.”

Someone put forwards the idea of Tren Krom (referred to cryptically as something like “the hideous one”) could have told the Brotherhood how to revive Makuta (hence the imagine of him puppeteer a Rahksi). This would seed him as a possible future rival for Makuta.
(Edit: I went back and checked. It as @DarkHenrik’s idea)

Challenge: try not to cringe looking at this next piece. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I failed this challenge :stuck_out_tongue: )

Here are some images of Kapura as a standard-bearer. Their part of a pitch I’m working of for the Mangai government.

(Still needs some work)

I tried coloring one of them, not sure I like how it turned out.

More scraps of Jaller and Kopaka.


Oh, nice sketches. Decent ideas.

Jaller looks pretty cool, you adapted him to the Brickonicle style quite nicely.

Thanks. I imagine Jaller being a much more serious character in G3, with the more complex political situation TTV has been throwing around.

(Updated: More images)

That makes a lot of sense. Let´s hope the TTV bring something like that to the table.

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So, Jaller in MNOG.

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Basically. As much as I like Mask of Light, I don’t think that it did the character any justice.

Also, I want a hardcore non-Toa character to show that Matoran aren’t useless.


That is an admiral quest. Matoran not named Jaller or Takua or Nuparu really didn’t do anything.

(All Jaller really did in that movie was die.)

In my mind, Jaller wouldn’t have any respect for a hot headed, an undisciplined person like Tahu, until he had actually proven himself.

Since the G3 Matoran appear to be closer in scale to Matoran, I’d imagine that Tahu would need to get his act together to beat Jaller without using his mask or elemental powers.


Nice ideas.

Also Jaller´s only use was dying, yes.


(Updated post with more information)

Tren Krom! Tren Krom! Tren Krom!

Great designs too.

Thanks. I’m still trying to decide whether I like him better with spikes, or without them.

Update, adding more stuff today.

so, you gave me the idea to make this

G3 Jala, using the MOL colorscheme because I think it looks great


This is great. :thumbsup:

I really like the colors, although I think the printing should be simplified a bit so he isn’t confused with the Toa.

I also thought of that, but Im limited since pretty much all I can do is repaint stuff

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Fair enough. This still looks really good for now.

I was just about to work on some stuff for the Mangai Guard, so this really helps.

Nice Jala. A Tren Krom set would be great!

ok tried simplifying it, what do you think?


Looks good.

I’m not actually sure how well he would translate into Lego.

CCBS balljoints. That´s how.