Random Drawings by BioRaiders

MANY AN UPDATE: I have unlocked the secrets of the whiteboard, and as such, I celebrate my victory with:

The Clown Prince of Crime! I got myself a bunch of thinner markers, so this could be possible. I'm particularly proud of him, and yeah. Yup.


spits and spills drink

That is friggin amazing i envy u sir...

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That joker is just plain creepy.



Miguel O'hara! The Spiderman of 2099.

I was thinking about posting some pictures I took of the process of drawing. Is that something you guys are interested in seeing?


You draw better on whiteboard than the vast majority of people I know on paper.

Teach me your ways, master.


those are some big pecs he has.
also the fingers are a little small(not that I can draw hands very well myself honestly.)

why are you so good at everything?

have you thought of drawing any of the boards members on whiteboard?
that isn't me asking to draw us, I was just wondering.


Yeah, I noticed that after erasing it... Ah well. On the fingers, I think that they only seem small because of the perspective. I did merhaps make the fingers slightly shorter on the right hand, but I blame my choice on where the arrowhead ends.


Man, if only you knew how many times I erased this and started over. Honestly, I don't think of myself as "Good" at it, only willing to work mindlessly for hours on it.

I did consider it, and while I am intrigued by the idea, I don't want to get sucked into the gaping void of "Making Promises That I Know I Can't Deliver On" like a certain @MaximumWarp did. Learn from the mistakes of others, and all that stuff.

Y'see, you take the marker, and you draw a bunch of lines.

JK. For me it's just shapes really. If you just have the right shapes, you can draw some pretty fantastic stuff. (But don't do that crap where you make the little buff stick figures like all art teachers say, unless you really have no idea what your pose looks like. Free-form drawing always merits the best results) If you know what kind of shape something is (Arms=wavy cylinder, Hands=trapezoid, yada yada) you can do that. Just remember not to make it actual geometrically perfect polygons. You have to rough them up a lot. Erase, draw, repeat. Erase, draw, repeat. This takes very, very long, and sometimes it can be disheartening (See reason #25 why this is the ninth iteration of this drawing.) and no matter what, you will always find mistakes (Strange pecs, small fingers) and want to fix them.

That's actually why I have begun to really grow on whiteboards as a medium. They allow for an imperfect and yet complete picture. It bothers me a lot that I still see mistakes, but the fact that I decided to take a picture, and then erase the board, means that I know I will never change it. It's a mental exercise in not-being the whiny perfectionist I usually am with my work. At least, that's how I describe it.

I taught you my ways, are you happy now?! /s

Also, I have decided to put up the pictures I took of the process. So yeah

Unfortunately, the images are sideways...


I'll have to try that. Thanks.

And what goes '/s' mean? I don't know slangs.

/s is what I use for the sarcasms. If I put /s after a post or sentence, it just means don't take it seriously. I know it's not widely used, but most people seem to get it. It helps a lot.

What a chump. /s


Good choice. One of the better 2099 stories(with Doom)

I really like how you captured the costume and such.

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Really nice drawings smile !

Both island designs are still way better than Okoto; have you thought about adding some mini islands to the side though?

here's a thing I drew in Computer Apps because I was bored. It's a futuristic knight of some kind, probably what I want to base Melfious off of.


I shall dub him Naryn!


I love it

u w0t m8


Hey, is it necroposting if it's your own topic?

Heck naw!

Boi have I done nothing
I've done things
but most of the things I actually will not show (Maybe at a later time...) because of reasons.

but here are a few things I have done lately.

Moar Stuff

The first one is a symbol type thing, like a crest or something. =/
The second is a pointillist joker piece done in sharpie.
The third is a thing...
The fourth is a copy of Leonardo Da Vinci's notes.

That's all for now. For those of you who care anyway.


Well, Necroposting isn't against the rules or bad anyways, so I guess it wouldn't matter, anyways.

Anyways, once again your art amazes me. The Joker one's use of only coloring green is nice, the "building" type thing really impresses me with the geometry, and I like the styles you did for all the drawings. Wonderful work!

I know =P
I was making a joke.

Thanks, that piece took me longer than I'd like to admit, what with my constant erasing. I wanted all the lines to be parallel and evenly spaced. It didn't really work out that way in the end, but it looks interesting. =D


Also, if any of you have a "request" of any kind, I suppose I could be open to that for now. It depends upon how busy I am with other projects, but hopefully I'd be able to churn a few for y'all.


Whoa, I'm liking that page from Leonardo's book

amazing as always