Random Kamen Rider Figuarts Photography #2

I kinda wanted to take some more photos.

Also, I'm sorry if these topics feel lacking photo-wise, I'm not very creative with posing and am trying to fit in as many as I can. Unfortunately, a lack of creativity in that manner makes for problems in photo-heavy topics. If it seems as if I'm just trying to make a ton of topics with few photos, I do apologize.






Still getting used to how my camera reacts to so much metallic stuff. Drill's the same as usual with constructive criticism and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I am fully aware that the lighting is off. Still trying to get used to that.


Ayyy I've seen these too :stuck_out_tongue:
They look pretty good.

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That kivara pic is great.

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Where can I get that Kivara figure?

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I personally found mine on Amazon, so I'd recommend checking there. It's a pretty great figure, and has a lot of posability.

Neat. Thanks!

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Very nice.

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I feel the focus in the first image should be on the end of Ryugen's gun, not on the side of it. With the fourth image, the focus should be on the sword. Otherwise, not bad.

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I tried to get the focus set onto it many times. It may have been a lighting problem, but my camera just refused to focus. I'll mess around with lighting and angles next time I try a photo like that.

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