Random MOC Competition 2: The Revival

Two people said they'd like to see this again? Good enough for me!

So this is a competition for the best MOC, BUT the requirements will be randomly decided by a generator.

This link leads to the bricklink page where the last two numbers are used as the page number and what number in the list.

If you don't have the part specified, use a similar piece and attach a bricklink page to it.

For this competition: make a light green and black rahi using this piece (or a similar one).


Hopefully this is more successful than the first one. You have until March 12 to enter a submission.

1. Follow the directions.
2. It must be a new MOC for this competiton.
3. You can use any lego bricks, system pieces included
4. Illegal building methods are accepted, as long as they are used sparingly.
5. Post your entries on this page.
6. The winner is the person who receives the most likes on their entry.
7. The winner of this competition will determine one aspect of the next competition (i.e. having it be a Toa)

Good luck!


I wish i could do this, but i have a big project due march soon, so I can't. Will join the next one for sure though

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Well I will join.

So I could use this piece if I don't have any of those Skeleton piece correct?
By the way I don't have any of those skeleton pieces.

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That'll do. Just include the link when you post your MOC.

By the way, I'm going to build one too.

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oh man I don't have that piece :frowning:

Just use a ccbs limb, or heck just use any joint piece. The point of adding that section was to get people to work with pieces they wouldn't normally use. I didn't think too much about people who didn't have the piece.

hmmm can I make a green, black, red and silver rahi? with umarak horns? :smiley:
or it just have to be black and green

alright, Im out, but I will be here to see who wins

well I only have trans apple green so, I can't do anything with light green

It has to have black and light green not be limited to those colors. Thanks for these questions though, I'll make sure to clarify next time around.

Light green is a general term, meaning any light green (i.e. lime, normal lego green, but not metru green)

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I'll be joining in here.


so... another question, can it be humanoid or it has to be like an animal, yeah Im sorry for making all these questions,

Well... It's a rahi. Anything that you could convince someone it's a beast.

The generator link isn't working for me, it directs me to the home page.

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well, I have nothing to lose the competition

that's my entry
well, "my", Ghosty made the upper leg design, the head design belongs to Monarth, and the body belongs to Alieraah, so it isn't really mine
I don't know if you will accept this one, it doesn't have much green and it doesn't look that much like a beast

also my camera isn't to good


Welp, there's always next time.

I did an ostrich.

That's it.


Oh I forgot about this becuase of the Notification bug that is going on. I wasn't getting anytrhing about so It just slip my mind... whoops. I will get working on that Rahi thing right now.

That is what I am suppose to be making correct?

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Well, this went better than last time, but...
Anyway the winner is:
Tell 'em what he's won.


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Can you make these topics more often? I don't want to wait a whole month for another one.