Random MOC WIP

So I began randomly MOCing just to use up some of my Mata red ball joints and this was the result.

For now this WIP has no character assigned to it, but I'll think of something.
So what started as a tablescrap is turning out to be, at least in my opinion, a pretty decent creation. smiley
As you can see I'm going to stick with the ever-amazing black/Mata red colour scheme, which I think is one of those colour schemes that people forget about.

Also, shoutout to the very rare (so I'm told) movie edition Kraahkan, which I honestly have no recollection of getting. smiley

Let me know what you guys think! All suggestions and criticisms welcome.


looks evil. anyway I think it'd be nice for a revamp of either Teridax or the other makuta who was red and black with the kraakhan. Anyway I guess he looks very good as a villain

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The sharp triangular corners and ridges of the HF plate complements surprisingly well with the Kraakhan. Good job!


@JMP Thanks! I'm thinking that this MOC would definitely be a villain. Not so sure about the Teridax revamp, which I believe would use the original Kraahkan instead of this one.

@Rockho That's why I went with the Kraahkan. stuck_out_tongue It's honestly one of the few masks that I own which suits the torso.

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Play with peoples expectations. Make him a pacifist.

He will be a pacifistic gardener with an undying love for roses.


Okay, maybe not a pacifist, but just make him a really nice guy

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Better idea: A medic pacifist.


This MOC now has arms! Yes, arms! smiley

I'll see what I can do about the weird gap by the shoulder (shoulders really are my weak point), but overall I think it's a pretty solid arm design. smiley

Hopefully I'll be able to complete the legs within a week from now, but expect another topic for the finished MOC.


Nice start! Though i'd recommend staying with triangular shapes throughout the MOC because despite the impressive complexity of those custom arms, they look awfully blocky

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The thought never really crossed my mind, but that's a very valid point. Thanks!