Random MOCs

Hey guys I got a few small builds today. First is a simple rahi bird, then a skull guard changes for Dark Onua, a small rahi bird, an armored droid, and a Matorian walker!
Here is the bigger rahi again a simple build:

Next up is some skullguard modifications, this includeds a bit more armor and two different weapons;

Here is the smaller rahi bird, again not much and something simple I build:

Now one of my recent builds, a droid I build. He has ice armor and tools, as well as a bigger build than others in the droid army:

My finial Moc for this page is a Matoran walking turrent, inspired by @Charassy s spin on it, It is a cool build. Includes a seat, computer screen, skyblaster, and joysticks for control. The last two are of a storage mode for the walker:


Edited Title to sound less weird even though it was fine - Distraxx
These look nice, my favorite is the big rahi bird.

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Thanks! You are right that total does sound better.