Random rahi MOC

This is just a MOC I made based on the Artahka bull from the Rahi guide.

The overall build is a bit simple when compared to everything here, but I was satisfied with it when I built it.

So you probably realize by now that the lower body was practically copy-pasted from the original model stuck_out_tongue

Kanohi masks because...

There's this big gap in his back that looks really weird looking from the side. Suggestions on filling that up?

And he's laying the beatdown on an early version of Arxtann.

So he looks cool from the top and front, but his back-legs are awkward and his midsection is meh.


Very strange, great job smiley

Interesting build, though the colour scheme is a bit...surreal. It can be a bad thing, or a good thing depending how you decide to think of it. Nonetheless I like what your going for, but a bit too gappy and colourful for my taste. I'd like to see more mocs from you since I bet you have more than 2 mocs.

THAT is very random indeed!

I'll agree with Altron here, the colors need a little more control. However, the build is pretty good in my eyes. Maybe you could try covering up those axles on the back with some armor. wink

Yes try covering it up with some armour but overall a great moc! I love it! ~Pyrox

My MOCs can get extremely odd at times so the color scheme is mild. When I'm in the mood I try for asymmetry stuck_out_tongue

But thanks for the comments.

Yeah, I just couldn't figure out a satisfying way at the time.