Random titan MOC

Okay so the reason why I did this moc is purely due to my OCD. I’ve arranged my bionicles in color themes and there is too much empty space on the green shelf… Hence I decided to MOC a titan size bionicle to fill it up lol.

This is basically the Phantoka Takanuva torso build with some different touches. I must say that the Phantoka Takanuva build really set a good proportion for MOCs. The color schele is basically Iruini. I really love the combinations made from dark flat gold. I think it goes well with all metru colors. So sad no more parts were made in this color.

The weapons is a clawed gauntlet and a halberd look weapon. The halberd arm is probably too skinny so I should’ve change it perhaps…


Hm I might steal that.

I have the exact opposite problem.

But the Moc looks great.


Very cool weapon design.

Does he carry the hagah shield behind his back or is it a part of his body? This Titan gives me a vibe of giant hordika and hagah mixture and he is very mighty.


This one has an exceedingly nice build.
I can’t say I see anything about this guy that I don’t like.

Nice, I wish there were more flat dark gold

This could be a great start to the gold skin being with some modifications :wink:

This guy looks awesome! I love the extensive use of flat dark gold

This gives me like 2005 Bionicle MOC vibes, and I’m totally loving it!

@Senit Thank you so much! Green is actually my favorite color so I’m pretty disappointed to find out I don’t actually have many green sets lol…
@Enbeanie Thank you so much! I actually found the gauntlet in a bunch of random stuff I built two years ago… So I thought might throw it on some figures. I’m glad you like it.
@ToaVictor the hagah shield is actually like a backplate armor. I think the Lhikan Hau is too small for this figure so I added more elements behind his head to make look proportionally harmonious.
@Marzipancutter Thank you so much!
@Takutanuva Thank you, and yes it would be so much better if more masks and armors can be made in flat dark gold
@cynic1987 That’s a really good idea! Let me know if you are interested in some inner built that’s not shown in the photos.
@Rukah Thank you so much! I really love flat dark gold
@Pakari Thank you! I too wanted to have a sort of “old school” bionicle look for this one.