Rangirakks, an Alien Rahi

This alien creature is a Rangirakks. I created it for the #solisx13 contest hosted by tr1ck_mocs and dispaht_toa_of_depression on Instagram to create something to fit the space environment. Either an alien or something with equipment adapted for space.

The story here is that the little dude in red and gold invaded the home planet of the Rangirakks species. Now there are few left alive because the invaders have destroyed much of the environment and slaughtered many Rangirakks. But the Rangirakks may have found a way to fight back.

It used to have small blade arms using the G2 gearbox on its underbelly, but I changed those in an effort to make the front legs more stable. I would have preferred to use more purple and keetorange on the Rangirakks, along with 3 Chirox blades instead of 1. There should be no green and less grey would be nice. Obviously no tan colour either.

Playability is rubbish since it can barely stand up due to weight of body.


I’m just curious, but how do you build this?

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It’s mostly technic beams from the Jetrax T6. I also used a Visorak torso (not the carapace) which is one of the most useful pieces ever in my opinion.

this is amazing, it kind of reminds me of the things people made for the rahi and dark hunter contests

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Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I’m pleased the head can turn and the neck can move up and down.

also, captain_subtle…
this is not subtle


lol :wink: True

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Image of the build in progress

ooh, nice use of the purple ccbs shells with the orange inika legs. speaking of which, where did those leg pieces come from?

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Thanks! The keetorange inika legs came from the Mata Nui Glatorian Legends set. Some of the parts I still have after I had given the rest to family members.

OHHHH! those are keetorange! ok! sorry, Im colorblind. I actually have bits of a glatorian mata nui as well.

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Awesome! I loved the pieces used for his shield. His arms seemed a bit long to me though.

I like the design, but I think the model sufferes a lot from not having a consistent color scheme.

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Aye, that’s mainly due to my lack of Bionicle pieces. It should be black, keetorange, mata blue, and purple, with some silver. Also, the back is a bit messy. I’d rather not have used the Av-Matoran jet packs but they are part of the structure, not decorative.

It’s a cool structure, but the color choice seems a bit jumbled.

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Thanks. :slight_smile: Are there any main colours you think should be removed like purple, blue, or keetorange? Or does my previous comment on colours still answer this?