Raptor Maul (WIP)

Been awhile since I posted to the forums, admittingly because I’ve been busy with college. However I wanted to show off a moc I’ve been working on here and there since last december: Raptor Maul, or perhaps for those more familiar a version of Darth Maul we saw in the Clone Wars series, before he got his boring human shaped robotic legs.

The torso is basically the normal maul set, however come fall I’m hoping to find a painter of legos who can help to spruce up the moc with the interesting designs Maul has, including on the upper arms.
Standard pose
Standard side pose

The legs are basically finished, just need to find a better method for that piston like bit on the lower legs. Originally had hoped to do gunmetal and gray, but turns out it would have looked horrible given many of the piece never were made in gunmetal.

The tires on the arms are suppose to represent what appears to be hand/arm wraps maul wears, and the same can go for the neck filler piece. It’s suppose to represent that weird neck adornment maul has.

Here are the two main images I’ve used for reference material while building this.

So yeah, that’s about it. Open to any ideas or suggestions for this moc/wip.


The shaping is pretty on point. Good job!

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Thanks. I should mention I originally had a different design in mind for the feet, however Mohamed Marei, also known as Darksiderz, suggested a much better design.

Here were the original feet. Much wider as you can see. A bit easier to pose truthfully, but not nearly as sleek.


The legs look really accurate! Nice MOC!

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This is awesome. Don’t suppose you have a full list of parts needed to make this?

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Looks spot on.

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Amazing work so far!

Don’t know how well it would work with you already have or how good it would look, but Maul’s heel here (that’s the third leg segment with the piston bit) kinda looks similar to a Metru shin piece.

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I could easily make one once I finalize the design.
While I can see what you mean, unfortunately I think it would stick out too far from the main section and be too short to work.

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That’d be awesome if you could.

Build from the waist up is bare and basic. I know due to the design there’s no real other way to do it, but it’s still noteworthy.

The legs though are amazing. Very well built. They look fantastic.

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I completely agree, though I kept it bare and simple so that whomever I end up commissioning can have an easy time painting the parts, instead of having to paint like 10 different pieces. It’s why I bought an extra praetorian chest.

I’m hoping once the chest and upper arms are all painted that it will make up for the simple build.