Raptor the Fallen

This is another Version of Raptor, this one is where he has fallen to Toa Razer and is now a good guy but has not been transformed into a Toa yet.

He owns two Gravon blades (please imagine the Orange pieces are lime) and a tri-symmetric shield.

Are the Matoran holding the weapons funny?
Uhh back view. HE HAS A CAPE OKAY!
Stability is surprisingly excellent, the only problem is that the friction adders between the waist and legs keep getting pulled off from the leg bones, but that’s not my fault.
Uhh, not much else to say on this guy, here are some more cool poses!

Oh yeah, obviously custom painted mask and chest, duh.(In case you were wondering, I used sharpie, lemme know if you have any cheap alternatives that are better)
And here are some #YesFilter pictures. For science!
See, dem blades be awesome with dah right colour!

Community:You look like Grievous with two arms, silver and lime and a shield
Raptor:Ahemcough cough I do not look like cough cough General Grievous!

Hope you like him, please comment and criticize all but the Orange and similarities to Grivous, INSPIRATION!! :rage: :angry:
And this is fully Toa Raptor (more pictures coming soon)


The lengthy appearance only looks good when he’s hunch downward, this character also have some similarity with Grevious.

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Agreed with Square.
He looks much too tall when standing up straight.

I know he looks too tall when standing up straight, its because he never does.
Also, @Square What did I say about pointing out similarities to Grievous?!
@Square Noted

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apology, people usually don’t read the full text and im falling into those group


Heretic cuts up Grievous head, more at seven.


It would be cool if you made him permanently hunched over, otherwise he looks emaciated.

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