RaptorTalon V11

Guess who is back! if you can read, then you already know the answer to this question.

NAME: RaptorTalon.
RACE: Robot/Hero.
AGE: 37. (a teenager in robot years)
BIRTHPLACE: Hero Factory.
TOOLS: Shield, minigun, energy sword, double talon blade.
FAMILY: He has two "brothers" but he is a robot, so none?.
ALIAS(S): "Master of the core", "Hero of the core", "Fire of the Core", "Creator's bane" all formerly.
PERSONALITY: Strong-willed and willing to die for what he believes in. as of late he has become more cold, and is trying to cope with some of the new ideas that have been reveled to him. he is normally kind and a hard worker, as well as a strong team leader. but at times he has been known to break under stress.
BIO: RaptorTalon was created by the Kerosiian being known as "the Creator" to be a super-solider to end all of the Kerosiian's many wars. yet the quaza they used for his heart-stone showed to be to strong and pushed his mind into control over the programming. he then escaped and crashed on a quaza mining planet were future Hero cores were being dug. he exploded and shot his core into a mine. leaving it to rest for many years. his core was later found, and was made into a Hero core, making him the newest rookie on the Galex 11 team. he climbed the ranks to commander of the team and led them through many wars and battles.

Now you start reading my HF story...

Theme song: Battle cry by Imagine dragons. https://youtu.be/5ZtMHSOq50Q

Feet and legs.

Torso and legs.

Torso and head.

Side of them legs. I must say, I am pretty proud of them.

More side view.

Back of the legs.


ACTION POSES! Pointing? I dunno.

With his awful talon weapon.

more trash weapon poses.

His revamped Energy sword!

Energy sword loveliness.

More energy sword poses.

Fighting Crimson or something.

HOW IS THIS FOR BORING!? (Declan, I am talking to you)

Holding up Ekimu?

Holding the Mask of Creation.


Fighting Crimson, Racela, and Darclex.

Fighting Skull Slicer.

More Energy sword. I really like that thing, how about you?

Minigun fun.


With Spectre.

Every hero...needs a team.

He seems to have found...himself.

So there is RaptorTalon V11! by far my favorite MOC I have made. you may all begin going crazy because the lack of spikes. but I like him this way. and get ready for some new MOCs and revamps soon!



This has hit true greatness; I really, really like this.


Many thanks.

The similarities continue.
Now both are selfMOCs are lime green, white, have a Gatling gun and have an energy sword.


and by far my favorite moc you have made as well,
well done.


Those hands...

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Bravo, bravo. Loving that 1.0 armor as knee pads, though you where trying to go for a more smooth look it actually is less smoth and more detailed than before. I quite like it. I don't think it's calling for custom feet like saxton says but he is calling for custom arms, eventually, though I think with the amazing armorion of the lower legs it's ok that you don't use technic legs there. Who knows, since the 2016 toa will have lots of technic you might be able to start doing custom limbs from there. Also nice teaser for Tigerclaw (which I have already seen in case you are wondering <-to public). I feel like he needs better weapons. Those blades are meh, the minigun is nice, the sword is iffy, not terrible, but iffy. Anyway, though I have seen mocs that are "better" in terms of build techniques and aesthetic styles, I quite like this aesthetic style and build style, so I'm going to rate 5/5 or 9.4/10.

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yours has an energy sword as well, and a gatling gun?!

sorry if it seems like I am ripping you off, but I made his first version before I even saw your MOC, and this upgrade seems to make me look like a copy cat, sorry.

@Payinku Thanks!

@SwagMeister Not entirely my own design. they are modded versions of hands mad by chris roach.

@Toa_Ketros Thanks man! I will keep those in mind.


I really am loving the TF4 Optimus Prime aesthetic you are giving him, and his new sword looks great as well. I'm not a fan of the design of the thrusters on his back, but other than that, this is one of my favourite MOCs ever.

That Spectre looks amazing.

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Thanks a ton man! I will be seeing what I can do, no guarantees. however.

and I am glad you like Spectre.

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This moc has come a long way, I still remember the original version. It uses ccbs well and there really aren't any huge problems here. There is a minor flaw that I would change and that's the codpiece. The whole torso is pretty intricate and detailed until you get near the midsection and it's just one flat cover. To go even further beyond, I recommend you start using tubing as well. White flex tube is a discontinued part from the 90s so you'll have to go on bricklink to get it. It's kinda pricey cause it's a rarer color but it would look amazing on Raptortalon.

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Good points. I will have to keep that in mind. Thanks!


...ya done good son.

Ya done good.


THANK YOU! means a lot.


I love it.
He's by far your best MOC yet.


Thanks! and hey, you have great poses!

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Thanks man!

On the contrary, I think ditching the spikes was a great choice. This is an amazing MOC.


Thanks Slurm!