My version of a friends SM, and I think you guys know who he is too. @RaptorTalon
While this has been done for a while, and his latest version FAR surpasses this version based on how good it is, here's a tribute to him that's 3 weeks late posting wise (the YT video was posted before this.)

Here is a link to the YT video, which has more pictures of the moc. https://youtu.be/He9nV3e0ca4


That is awesome! I love the legs and that shield is like the best! It is an awesome MOC! Great job bud!

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Thanks! Though, I do believe I could have done MUCH better, alas mocing blocks will kill my mocs.

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Pretty good.

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I love the lightning shield!

This is pretty amazing looking, Ket! I love the legs, nicely done indeed. But, why the blue face and core?

Many thanks! once again.

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Arms could be better,but the rest looks cool,especially the lower legs
but those hands tho
why :c



Nice job, M8. I would give him an 8/8, but the wheels on the sides of the calves are 2Spoopy4Meesa.

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I have a particular distaste for the arms and hands here, but couldn't come up with anything as smooth and proprtional in that moment, so I cheesed it a bit. Thanks though!
I made this before I decided to do away eith them myself, I also couldn't come up with anything as smooth or proportional when I made it, It will most likely be changed though. The wheels shere an attepmt at a slightly technical vibe, since regilar smooth styles genrally don't do it for me. It will most likely be changed in the future.

Thanks everybody else!

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The Mata green Throwbot feet are a little out of place, but everything here looks extremely solid. Great job!

That shield.
Is triggering lightning envy.

I just wish they came in lime. Too bad, white looked off and green was the best replacement, thanks anyway!

Hey! You're MOCking @RaptorTalon! That's not nice. Don't do it again, or we're going to have a MOC trial.



Ughhh, unless this is a joke then you are really mistaken. I clearly said it was my version of a friends SM in the very beggining of the post, maybe you should try reading the post again :unamused:.

I forgot to add /s. My mistake.

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The irony is real.