Here’s my real piece of Digital art. I’ve never been much of an artist, but thanks to some friends I’ve been slowly getting into it. After a few weird sketches and meme drawings, I made this.

Thanks for viewing! Have a nice day!



I think you should make the lines darker and make the background a different color.

But looks like a stronk boy.

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Aye, gotcha.

Thanx lukey baby

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Bump up that contrast bro. I’d also change the eyes. Other than that I really like it

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Thanks! What about the eyes is weird?

They look too realistic imo.

Weird…I was going for a deliberate mechanical optic look.

Guess I don’t see what you mean.

Interestingly enough, when I began drawing this, I started with the head. I was aiming for a simplified, chibi-ish look, with large expressive eyes and larger shapes. I decided to add the eyes to keep that idea going (seeing as in canon RT’s eyes are hidden behind a visor nearly 24/7) However as I continued drawing I decided to make the rest of the body in a more traditional style, paying closer homage to the original model.

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