Rare Video Games you own

I could not find this topic. so here you go:

What are rarest/most expensive/hard to find video games you own?

Share it! I want to know! Even if it is not rare, but if you have an old game, that you are proud to own after so much time, share it down below!

I literally have no idea.

I suppose LOTRO? It’s the oldest game I have.

it’s from 2007.

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I have Bionicle Heroes, which is from 2006 and is pretty uncommon (at least in my country)

I don’t have any rare ones.

The closest to rare I have is MGS 1, which tends to go for $30 on ebay, as opposed to say, Tekken which is only 10. (Then agian, MGS has two disks, so that could be a factor for the price)

Aside from that the games I have are either digital or easy to come by.

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Probably the only one I can think of is Mr. Moskeeto (PS2). It sold poorly in western regions and arguably isn’t a common sight. You’re a literal mosquito and suck blood from a family to prepare for winter.

Oh Japan…


Another one I remembered: War of the Monsters (PS2).

It wasn’t particularly successful similarly to the former, but nonetheless a fun movie monster parody fighting game.

It’s actually been remastered for PS4. I can recommend giving it a spin.


i have a CD full of dated 00’s ROMs

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I have the gameboy pokemon TCG game. That’s fairly uncommon. And my sister has the clear original gameboy.

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