Rate my sons of Makuta plus a new one

Look at the whole page then rate. There are guide lines at the bottom
Meet Dexinax who was disgraced after his father used the mask of ultimate power. Forced in to poverty by this he scavenged stuff in till he stumbled upon the mask of creation and was addicted to its power. Hungry for more he found the elemental masks and used them but mostly used Ekimus. He is now searching both his father`s masks.

Ekimu need to teach someone about the key mask making skills to continue his title and Makuta`s son was an obvious choice as his father had told him tales of his masks. But after his father put on the mask and he stopped teaching him and went in search of Makuta. After he learned that Ekimu killed his farther he went on a rampage killed dozens and organised the black market. Killed by the 3 guardians his body was buried in the earths reigns forbidden tunnels. Unfortunately Makuta had put a imprint of his sons mind in a skull spider which took over his body and has destroyed everything he came across.

He was rejected from the academy of mask makers which filled him with anger. Then his farther agreed to secretly teach him but he would have to help kill Ekimu. But just before Makuta put the mask on Devonian warned him so that he may save his farther not killing him.When Ekimu did kill Makuta afterwards he started riots and the black market. Thought to be killed by the guardians he walked into the lost city and using his skills made the mask of skull spiders which gave him strength and unmached fighting skills.

Okay this is the new one which is a mixture of the 2nd and 3rd. He has the same backstory as the 3rd. Here he is:

so which one do you think was the best worst build or colors or backstory
P.S can you also rate them out of ten and make a hummer for him


8/10 for the first.
9/10 for the second.

You know i did 4 right and you like the first one what about it? everyone else said it was awful

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I LOVE the last one, but the two others are sort of meh, the first one i has an a incredably messy colour scheme, the second one makes Onua Master with a skull spider on him, BUT the third one i love, Very interesting design and the colours flow together very nicely

This is his half brother Sentrax who trys to rebuild his familys reputation by fighting for good he has clashed with him brother many times but was killed buy Umarak when he tried to take back his fathers mask

do you think i could use him as a self moc

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Yes. I like that one even better.

But hes a half brother whose mother is the queen of silver a moc im working one but do you think i could use him as a self moc

3/10 for the first.
3.5/10 for the second
4/10 for the last 2.

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the first one Dexinax is a big mish mash of ugly i'm sorry but it's true

the rest are alright
I see that you must me new to the forums and maybe new to MOCCING?
(the av matoran feet on some of them could be two things not sure) and thusly welcome!
don't worry your MOCS will get better with time and the only one that was really bad was the first one,the rest have good colorschemes and good concepts
all in all welcome to the forums evernow!'

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i know it`s terrible but which is the best

the third one is the best

theres a reason why all the mocs i will ever make will be simple:
i like rebuilding the original sets

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Makuta sure had a lot of kids.