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Canoe rock/10

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Goku’s afternoon cuppa/10


Photographer SpongeBob /9

Spirah, a dumb character and a terrible combo model /5

Nice edit and moc/10

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Not a teenager not a mutant not even a ninja just a turtle/10

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2007 was Bionicle’s best year set wise. '08 would have been fine were it not for the crappy joints.

Now I’m really hoping someone will get what mine is from.

Smiley face 10/


Cool cape/10

Sonic wearing your face as a mask/10

Mr Krabbs and Garry 10/

Loooks like something out of a lego action movie!/10

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I didn’t know the guy in the van had an account here…/100

Why does no one recognize grade A anime when they see it…

Neet shapes. Reminds me of a DC Lantern logo.

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Koro Senei! Karma is fighting Nagisa again!
A great anime none the less Koro Sensei Quest was wa-----ay better than the original/10

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Huzzah! Proper recognition! How wonderful!

As for you, that’s some nice… Calligraphy? I don’t know what the term is but I like it.

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Emoji movie is terrible /7

Strange but cool combiner with a mask-less Matoran on his back, but I don’t like Spiriah/10