Rate the avatar of the user above you

Country balls 10/

poor quality background cropping/10

Mario thing 10/

It’s Kirby, he isn’t part of Mario’s universe, but he’s own- Spiderus Prime


MOC helicopter/10

Sponge Bob watches as Patrick plays Golf 10/

Scary Nokama Hordika/10

WW2 Sponge Bob 10/

Neat Mask/10

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Shocked- bored- shocked- bored/ 10

Steampunk kopaka?/10

Actually, it’s an OC.

Mystery person/10

Eljay’s cousin.


It’s pronounced gif/10

Cartoon Character 10/

Just because it’s handrawn doesn’t mean it’s a cartoon character.

Cartoon = hand drawn, so it doesn’t really matter.

Cartoon == handdrawn.
What did you even wanted to say by that?
That every cartoon is handrawn, which is not true btw.
That everything handrawn is a cartoon, which also is not true.
Because if so, I say your avatar is a nice Nokama cartoon 9/10

No really it’s pretty neat.

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It’s a hand-drawn character from a cartoon.

No, it’s a countryball

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