Rate the avatar of the user above you

I don’t even have any clue what that is/10

JoJo charecter.

Self-MOC, v4, I believe/10

Finally someone got it right/10

That’s what I’m here for/10

Spooky Solder Guy/10

Somebody once told me…/10

Not amused/10

I’m red radadah radadah dadah/10

No longer a gif/10

Now a gif/10

0/10. Needs a santa hat.


Has Santa hat.

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0/10 violent Christmas

0/10 no Christmas at all.

To be honest, confessors don’t see much action. They are religous leaders first, warriors second.

Can somebody put me a santa hat?

I would, but I stink at editing…

I’m still drawing a blank on how to rate your avatar/10

A movie I never saw/10

0/10, needs Santa Hat

I actually can

-205/10 Nokama with evil eyes and black background there is nothing that can resembles with winter at least

Dancing rahi bug. Neat but needs to be in season. 2/10