Rate the avatar of the user above you

painter in a half shell/10

Skull Scorpio with beautiful hair taking a selfie cause she knows she’s worth it. 10/10

Onepu… One(pu)/10

A kanohi hau with a white background. Pretty simple but classic 7/10

Magic man/10

Weird Cartoony Character 5/10

The same Evil Nokama Hordika/10

Teenage mutant artist turtle/15

Guy with a gun, but different/10

Spider man with some kind of magneto style helmet. I like it, 8/10

Somebody who put his hand too close to the fire/10

Nifty Compas/10

Octoling, if I’m not mistaken/10

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Bingo squido.

Monochromatic military man/10

Any particular named Octoling?/10

OOG: It’s actually the same Confessor as before, just a cooler concept art piece instead.

Agent 8 be her name.

Scifi soldier person whom I don’t know anything about/7

Not in smash/10

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That some like lizard alien boy or smtn?/10

a cute little snail

with legs/10

Gundam of some nature\10

@EmperorDuckie it’s a Vahki. Look close.

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