Rate the avatar of the user above you

I like the kind of old revolutionary/civil war era looking gun /10

Very strange snail creature/10

Only slightly confused/10

Knight going to defeat the scary evil bring/10

Japan has a very strange take on Frankenstein/10

You have a very strange take on your pfps /8

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ThAt is PuMpkIn abUsE! UnaCcepAaBLe 2/10

Guy with powers/10

Since it is in black and white I’ll give it a 10/10

Looks like a warlock from destiny mixed with Dr Strange type powers/10

ohhhhhhhh it’s a snail/10

Knight vs Spooky Guy/10

krunch zombie hand /5

cute spinning squirrel /5,797

Magic Guy/10

King Kong better than Godzilla/10

EDITED: “I’m not Godzilla, I’m Gorosaurus.” -Gorosaurus

Sword in the Stone 5/10

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Lowkey the Hordika had cool masks/10

it isn’t the sword in the stone xd</span class=spoiler>

ancient sword monument/15