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Sword in mountain/15

Not a morning star, a hallucinogenic gas grenade. Makes enemies turn on their allies. Nasty stuff.

Army guy/10

Mecha Kog in the Monsterverse when?/10

Some sort of cat-esqe creature with ear tufts/10

Being Meguka is suffering

Bug eyed scifi soldier/10

More than they seem/10

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spiderman with… is that… Mista’s hat thingy from JoJo?
good crossover/10

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Looks like some kind of priest or wizard robot, with a magical glyph. I like it!/10

Pokemon 10/7

Gelu in uniform with Epauletets. 100/10

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Don’t even know what that is but it’s way cool 11/3

Gelu 10/1

It’s a Brotherhood of Nod Confessor from the Command and Conquer RTS series.

Armed with a 3 barrel gun and hallucinogenic grenades. However, combat is a secondary purpose to them. Their main purpose is to overhear the sins of other brotherhood members and to help them in other such ways. (The Brotherhood is an interesting faction to say the least.)

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Cool soldier dude/10

Kopaka shield

Very noice/ noice

Drawing /9


Squidward before Sea Bear attack him/10

Retro sci-fi/10

Tank Museum, Monkey World. Doesn’t really work as an Avatar IMO 1/10

Rau Hordika/10