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“Meep with me if you want to meep.”

That looks like a shocked face I saw on a tumblr comic once.

Okay, does anyone actually know what mine is from?

The game is good. 7/10

The franchise that at least two people know of/10

I do, but I shouldn’t spoil anything big for those who don’t know.

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Cool effect/10


Made up 3 Splatfests/10

@Ninja not Monika. 0/10

rainbow bug/10

I’ll be meep/10

@MaximusPrimal nice rwby chibi avatar.

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That was the day monopoly changed forever/10

Monochrome dude/10

Beware of M-1000/10

Heroes in a half-shell/4

All hail the potato/10

Gwen-Pool is second best Pool.

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Screaming ginger/10


Stick figures take effort, ye hear me?

potatoe wif a crown/10