Rate the bio of the user above you

The title is self-explanitory.

EDIT: ok I guess instructions are here now


you literally rate the bio of the user above you.

A complete and utter lie



Stating what you did/10

I feel sarcasm coming from your bio/10

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Needs spaces after the commas/10\

I’m sorry I need grammar

Needs spaces on both sides of the hyphens/10

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Big text wall/10


hey it’s only a paragraph :sleepy:

completely fictitious/10

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Telling what you do and who you are 10/10

@Solar_Claptrap oh whoops you made it shorter than what it was before

Where’s the gift shop/10

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You’re right, everyone does hate you for liking Av-Matoran builds.

I’m kidding, obviously.

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Very generic bio, but not for a generic user. Also, plugging your insta, flickr, and artstation is genious.

I myself have a flickr that I since abandoned once I found the boards

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Couldn’t find the advertised gift shop, which makes me sad -100/10

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What else is there to know about you?/10

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inelligeble nonsense/10

I too, could not find the gift shop, and thus couldn’t exit. I might be stuck in Cordax’s bio forever. ∞/0

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Likes and interests/10

@Atobe_Brick ok the gift shop is located in the left cheek.

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Bread is nice/10

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