Rate the LEGO theme above you

Simple rules. You just give a score (from 1 to 10) to the LEGO theme above you, along with s short opinion about it. Then type in a random LEGO theme, and the next user does the same. Simple!

I am going to start: LEGO Racers


old, kinda wierd/10

Nexo Knights

It was ok. The sets were good, and the TV show was not awsome, but I found it pretty funny. I liked the concept of Knights with Technology. I wish it continued for a longer time.
It might be an unpopular opinion, but I'l give it a 8/10

Mars Mission

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Very nostalgic for me, but it wasn't the best. 7/10


One of the first Themes I got into. Very nostalgic to me. 10/10.


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Had some wonky pieces, that's about it. Felt uncharacteristic for LEGO to do though. 3/10


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One of the best 8/10.

Agents (early 2000s)

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good hairstyles... and cars.8/10



Never went for it much myself, but it is one of LEGO's strongest lines.


Edit: How did I even forget that? Lego Movie Sets


Not the best, but I enjoyed the movie itself and Benny’s Spaceship. 6/10


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I've never cared about it. Like, never. 4/10


Guys you forgot to give a score to the theme you had, like in the first answers! Please edit your answers and give a score like the first people did.

Technic is cool, but all the good sets are way to expensive for me to afford. That Orange Porche and the new Buggaty Chairon! So cool sets! But as I said, the sets are way to expensive for me, but is a good theme, and deserves 10/10 in my opinion.

Dino Attack and Dino 2010

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Never cared much about it. 6/10.

Alien Conquest

Not as good as some of the prievous themes of that kind, but pretty good. 8/10

Ben 10 Alien Force

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Boring, bland, and forgettable, 2/10


Way to far away from normal LEGO. To me, it looks like some random mix'n mash action figures you find in Toy Stores. While if you don' think about them as LEGO they might be OK, for LEGO Fans this is the most shamefull theme ever. 2/10

Dinosaurs (from 2001)

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Way too blocky for me. The colours were alright. 5/10.

Hero Factory

Waste of potential, some later sets were okay and the books were fine. 6/10.

Space Police 3 (2009)


While the sets were good, I never really liked space police, I was more of a Power Miners guy. 7/10
Talking of Power Miners...

Power Miners


10/10. One of the best themes ever. I especially liked the Rock Monsters, both the small ones and the big ones. So funny to trow the small ones using the big ones!


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