Rate the Song Above You

8/10. Myrkur is such a unique and interesting project. Love it.

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9/10 that was great. My only complaint was the lyrics were a little hard to make out.

(Yes, this is a solo, but it’s awesome)

Could definitely hear this in a Donkey Kong game.


10/10. Excellent lyrics, artistic meaning, awesome music.

Mirror Mirror by Random Hero

(Can’t get a YouTube link)

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10/10 I should delete all of the songs I have on my Spotify list in favor of the beauty you posted here.

Was the review of the song I put sarcastic?

Yeah, as you did not post one

EDIT: Oh. I didn’t see that you posted the title of the song. Oops.


It’s alright

5/10 Of the Despacito II meme’s I’ve seen, this was probably the weakest.

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7,5/10 It did resonated with me, but the quite weird structure and the fact that they started to sing in… Turkish?.. right when the song should have been stronger seemed a big con for me. However, I can’t deny the feelings contained by this song.

5/10 We Surrender

6/10 Not awful, but not really for me.


6/10 pretty average song with nothing too special about it


4/10 really not my thing.

8/10 Good, catchy, upbeat song.

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8/10: Pretty aesthetic song, may have to look into these fellas a bit.

10/10 new meme song.

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8/10 good song, the beginning feels weird.

Dont know if someone already posted that, oh well.

10/10 dude, it’s Hotel California.

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9.5/10. not giving it a 10/10 because it’s a little bit long for my liking