Rate the Song Above You

5/10 not my style of music.

8/10 Good song. Lecrae ain’t afraid to be on his own when it comes to his beliefs. Respect.

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8/10 pretty good, I don’t think I’ve heard this song of theirs before.


10/10 Not sure what I just listened to, but I liked it.

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6/10 Not really my thing

7/10 electro/house music is usually too repetitive for my taste, but this was pretty good.

5/10 Seemed waaaaaaaay to Coldplay-ish to me.

7/10 not my style, but it was composed well and I did like the guitar solo.

5/10 not really my style, but I’m glad you like it

9.5/10 yooo this song is full of so much energy! it’s awesome!

heres this bop that inspired the death of cazapar

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5/10. Sorry, it’s well produced but really not my thing.

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7/10 I thought it was an instrumental. Not really a fan of long songs.

6.5/10 Never been a fan of heavy rock, but this song was pretty good regardless.

7/10 Nice vocals

7/10. A little on the calm side imo, but a good song.

8/10 TFK makes great songs

1/10 Honestly can’t stand it.

5/10 Aside from the fact that it’s not my cup of tea, it is too long and repetitive. I’ve lost my interest into it at the end of the second minute.