Rate the Song Above You

OOC: Sorry to interrupt the game but can you use an actual rating system here?

why the ooc

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Uhm… Why not?

The midi is to messy 5.6/10

5/10 would like it more if my little brother didn’t play it 24/7

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Wow lol

That thumbnail is disguising.

8/10, you wouldn’t think Spitting Image and Genesis would work so well together, it kinda does.

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10/10 Honestly one of my favorites.

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9/10 Very metal

5/10 I don’t really like the vocals.


10/10 It’s Cash.

8/10 Dragonforce is great.

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10/10 Neofolk has been oneof my favorite genres as of late, and this is an example why.

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8.5/10 That was really good. The vocals are kind of ethereal.

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9/10 I’m checking these guys out

4/10 I haven’t felt anything in this song.

4/10 it was meh.

7/10 Like the original better, but this is still cool.

6/10 Has a nice mood. Good bass line?