Rate the Song Above You

8.5/10 Good beat, made me think of a synth Oingo-Boingo at times, I liked it.

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6/10 the intro dragged on for way too long, but once it picked up, it was pretty good

5/10 I mean song’s not bad but it is pretty repetitive and has a sound similar to other popular trending pop songs that I don’t enjoy. Guess the art matches that breezy tone though, that’s cool.

Same song as the one I posted in the stuck in your head topic. Warning is that it’s 9:23, but a very epic 9 minutes.

8/10 it’s pretty good, its catchy and I like it

(Be sure to listen to the second drop)

6/10, not bad, but it wasn’t my thing.

Great sounding stuff. A tad repetitive, but good. 9/10

7/10 A nice rock song. Cool layering.

6/10 cool and unique, but I can’t really vibe with it

7/10, kind of slow but picks up in the end, love the beat.

5/10 Nostalgic, but after a while it gets boring.

Video was not available in my country. Looked it up elsewhere where available.

As a whole it’s not bad, but not great either. However, not being able to understand a single word made it less memorable. 5/10.

7/10 Love Bloodborne and all of its music. A little short.

6/10 highly energetic, but drainingly repetitive

5/10 cool rock tunes

5/10 I enjoy this style of indie rock, but nothing from this song really stood out to me.

1/10 bc of genre. Nothing about screaming in music appeals to me. I can’t even finish listening to it I hate the screaming so much. Sorry lol

8/10 Though repetitive, this song was one of the songs I remember loving a lot when I was younger.

9/10 I feel like I’ve heard this song before, or at least one similar to it.

If you don’t give this guy infinite/10, you have no soul.

7/10 this is a real fun time. The jazz solo is great.

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7.5/10 That was actually a fairly normal Kate Bush song lol, I had fun listening to it for sure, nice synth line.

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