Räum the demon (CCBS+Bionicle test)

This is really just a test to see how I could integrate bionicle into the CBS system. Personally I really like the result! smile

The body skeleton, which was actually created by my brother, captured my interest as I started to expand on it.
The head is actually built from the head of Roodaka, I have just removed the hair and added the two horns and also replaced the mouth design with my own. My problem with this MOC however, which I am sure people will also point out, is the open sockets on the arms and possibly the tail.

And without the horns....


it's... AMAZING!!!


hahaha thanks! smile

I have one thing to say...

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Fixed the title, its ccbs
not cbs
its good, albeit a tad cluttered.

Thanks! smile

... SHESH that is one good demon! Reminds me of Makuta, one of the demons from World of Warcraft, and/or some other villain! I love it! All the praise to you my friend!

That color scheme tho. Love silver+black.
Gr8 b8 m8 8/8

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sweet work man!

@Hawkflight is going to murder you...so run.

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begins to run but trips on random objects as Hawkflight comes at him "NOOOOO. I am literally in a horror film!"

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he will kill your children!


What if I don't have any?
I guess he'd probably go straight for the family then.

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he will also kill you, your soul, and your MOCs.


I love having this sort of urban legend status. stuck_out_tongue

I also love doing the opposite of what people, such as @RaptorTalon, expect me to do. So I'll just kindly say, @xX_TChalla_Xx, that a preference for silver and black color schemes can run you into a bit of trouble for it due to the oversaturation of MOCs of those colors and the lack of vibrance in that pairing.

Oh, wait, there's a MOC too? Looks interesting, and a lot better combination of BIONICLE and CCBS than I've seen other people start out with. The black and silver color scheme also didn't scream cliche to me until Raptor pointed it out, but you the MOC would benefit from an accent color, red in particular.

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He's so... gentle. Like a whale.
Vote for Whaleflight 2016.

You should see what I'm like when I'm not provoked to be kind.

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Sooooo... Vote honeybadgerflight 2016?

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Hey.... I expect you to do that because that is what you do to me!..

....sorry if you do not like being told to kill people.