Raura: the Daredevil

Raura is the most bravest person or careless (depending who you ask). Part of a team called the Mechanical Elements. It was constructed by her, *Flare, *Caleberg, Montounear, Scope, and Smokey.

She still has her old daggers from good old days of fighting evil.

She has cool function were her wings pop out.

*link to Caleberg: Caleberg: The Mercenary

*link to Flare: Flare: the Hero


Very nice, but the head is kinda wierd

The head really doesn’t fit the rest of the MOC.

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I can’t even tell what the head is trying to be

the rest…eh, it’s some sort of Inikabuild/CCBS hybrid. The biggest issue I see is how huge the shoulders are, because Inika torsos aren’t meant for female MOCs, just trust me, it doesn’t work.

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I wouldn’t necessarily call those wing a function they only go up and down because you used a pin, the face you made really doesn’t fit the moc


Very interesting face. looks cool