“What is it that makes Ravager such a charming sort?
Is it his stinger tail, whose venom burns like the bites of a million fireflyers? His ruthless skill with sword and shield?
Or is it that he has never seen two bricks together that he did not want to blow apart, or a living thing that he did not feel would be better off dead?”
— The Shadowed One

This MOC was inspired by a little theory of mine: what if Ravager’s sentient Sword and Shield were in fact cursed weapons that had transformed him into an ideal host?
Perhaps that might explain why Ravager lost his memory, had those destructive urges, and why it was hard for TSO to find another like him.
Maybe this is what he turns into when they’re fed enough…

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He looks great! I like how you made his weapons and torso.

SO COOL :star_struck:

Everything about it? Super cool.

Great build! Love the lower leg design