RAY-037 Strike Tank

Name: RAY-037 Tank
Class: Striker

Model: CA-001-Sk
Weapons: 2 FLICK-class missiles, 1 SIC-01 turret, 1 deployable drone mini-tank

Armor: light protosteel
Top Speed: 135 mph

Pilot: J.L. Nova
MOC inspiration: My friend always talks about how cool it’d be to drive a tank around. So, I decided to build a LEGO one for him.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hate mail?


Has a nice consistent color scheme, and a pretty solid build. The small tank is a nice feature as well.

Pretty neat!

“Tank” it looks more like an armored buggy to me,
That said, looks pretty good.

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Starcraft vibes radiate from this moc.

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