Ray leaving Achievement Hunter

If your a fan of achievement hunter and roosterteeth, then I bring you bad news. Ray has confirmed that he is officially leaving Roosterteeth to go on to do other things. The link to the post is here: http://achievementhunter.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=3330046


Squeaver.exe has stopped working


Welp... time to unsubscribe from Let's Play.

(just kiddin', still really sad tho cry)

That sucks. Good thing he's like my least favorite.

I always thought Jack would leave first but now Ray's leaving first now.

I...... darn it, just darn it

He's leaving for Twitch.

It's like going from a penthouse to a box. Covered in mold. While being attacked by a rabid dog. That is on fire. While you're on fire too. And the dog is also spamming kappa. And there's a 30 second delay.

He better try to join vinesauce.
That's the only way to profit from Twitch.