Rayku, the Toa of...Not

So, I promised Nyran I’d do this, and despite being a supah n00b when it comes to MOCs, eh, whatever. See, this is a self-MOC/RP character I’d come up with a few years ago, and the model is purely for a basic visual…well, representation. It ain’t supposed to be a work of art or anything. Of course this entire paragraph is me making myself feel better, it honestly just looks bad.

Since I promised to upload the pics before tomorrow, and have exactly three minutes left, uh, I’ll post the backstory and RPesque things…later. HERE YA GO

Front view, if you couldn’t tell. Now for the back…

Legs needs so much work it’s not even funny. Or, well, it is. Anyways, here’s a full pic of the sword, Earthrender

…Oddly, I’ve never been able to get a full pic. ANYWAYS, THAT’S ALL FOR RIGHT NOW AUGH IT’S TOMORROW



I don’t even know what you’re talking about! It looks amazing!
(Not that I MOC at all. >.>)

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This is actually a very well done MOC. You don’t need to criticize yourself so harshly on this, it looks fantastic. There are some obvious parts that need cleaning up, such as the length of the neck, but otherwise it’s great! I really like the way the sword can attach to the back, and the shoulders are very nicely done.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, just because it’s not a smooth and crisp MOC with a bunch of defined lines and contours, doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good.This style makes it way more interesting and gives the MOC a deeper feel to it.



This is such a beast moc. The only real thing I don’t like is how the hip gets really small. Colour scheme is these and I can’t begin to describe how sick the sword is. Great job and keep on mocing.

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That’s pretty sick. Very nice.

Has it been later yet?


Approximately one year must pass between my first and next post in my own thread.

…So no. 8D

dangit I just failed that huh


There never will be a backstory post