Raytahl, Master of Light

Here is Raytahl, Toa of Light, with his large sword!

Here he is in a epic pose! Haha! XD

Running into battle!

Face him, If you dare!

Without sword, Front view.

W/0 Sword, Back view.
Please let me know what you think of this MOC! Have a great day, Lego Fans!


Could you be uploading more pictures please?
Best would be his back and/or sides.

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hm alright build

any story behind him, or is he just a toa of light with the mask of life?

Doesn't have the mask of light 0/10 /s

Seriously though, it looks very solid. Seems that you're trying your best to cover-up every nook and cranny on the MOC, even covering the lower leg armor holes with wolverine claws! That, I applaud you for, as most moccists tend to leave those CCBS shells untouched.



  • Color Scheme is very consistent.
  • Like the Torso
  • Bulk Master
  • Legs seemed to have filled out well
  • While CCBS is fine, the arms and legs would've been a bit better if it had a custom build
  • The pieces on the thighs look a bit strange.

I would give this MOC a 9.5/10.
It looks really good, with a few, minor issues here and there.

smile Uber Fantastic Job! smile


  • Gotta love the Gearbox

Just did! smile
I'm new to this, sorry.

No real story as of yet. If there are any more details added, I'll let you know. I mainly wanted to use a mask from Gen 1 and combine it with aesthetics from Gen 2 to make a unique look. I also really wanted to give him a large sword. I was inspired to do so from

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That's awesome! What set did those keet-orange shoulder parts come from?

They're from lavals Fire lion set they were used for paws. Great moc you could call this a gen 2 to a mata nui and no one would question. Love the look of the torso.

Master of life* wink

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Good build and nice details to give a little bit more bulk to him but... why does a "Master of Light" not have a Mask of Light ? wink

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just really cool!

Wait, you are on here? awesome! I am subbed to your channel!

The MOC looks amazing!

Really like your use of the black pieces. Great design.

I never thought anyone could make that Glatorian Ignika look good, but you did. smiley

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This is a pretty sweet MOC! I love the way everything on it just flows, and as @Rockho said, I appreciate how you covered up most of the gaps in the limbs.

Is there actually any reason why they had never realeased an gold Ignika of this size ?

Yep! This is actually my first post! A review of this MOC will come sometime in the future.

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I like this MOC a lot!
The build is great, the colours and their distribution is just as good!

But the feet, the feet look to small.

This is very nice. I like how the Keetorange mixes with the silver and gunmetal. 8/10

I really like it. The only thing that needs improving is the silver, you should take that away.