(Re)Introducing GUN.T.O.A

This is a video introducing a new revamp of a creation I made first 6 years ago and revamped off and on ever since.
GUN.T.O.A. (Guntron Tactical Operative Assault) is essentially a revision of the term Toa, in a military sci-fi scenario.
T.O.A. are special operation forces formed by both national and private military branches, to deal with the toughest of the toughest missions.
Guntron is a private military company that offers its services whenever the regular military cannot.
Each T.O.A. operative is equipped with a special exo-suit and any weapon of his or her choice.

(WARNING: contains custom painted parts)



Small question, may I perhaps use a modified version of that shotgun sometime?

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thanks dude

go right ahead smile

Many thanks to you, good sir. Keep up the good work.

for a Moc Idea I love it. Dunno about the painted parts but other then that it's entertaining

I also think it's got a nice weapon

wouldn't this belong in the lego creations category though?

Love how custom painted parts are basically gore now because people are so annoyingly purist


I wasn't sure where to put this since it was a video rather than just pictures like my usual posts in the Lego Creations category...

If I ever can get the pieces for them, I'm thinking of building practically a whole squadron of GUN.T.O.A. units, including other variants that are inspired by the basic six Toa elements (Toa Mata revamps anybody?), and also male and female variants as well.
I plan for all of them to use the Evo Brain Attack helmet/visor, so they will kinda all look the same, but different at the same time.